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NICO Touches the Walls
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It’s been revealed that rock band NICO Touches the Walls will be releasing a collection of their interviews in a book entitled “NICO Touches the Walls Tabi no Kiseki -Interview and Photo Chronicle 2007-2012-“, on May 25th.

This book will be produced by the editorial department of the magazine, “MUSICA“. It will contain 5 years worth of interviews that were featured in magazines from their indies era up until now. The book will also include a documentary and interview from the band’s upcoming one-man live at Makuhari Messe on March 20th.

The price and other details of the book will be revealed at a later date.(Check http://www.musica-net.jp/nico/ for updates)

Source + Translations

I sure hope it will be one thick publication considering it' s 5 years worth of compilation! Woohoo! Will save me a ton since collecting magazines means hefty shipping fees.

NICO bromance♥
Just like PASSENGER DVD, no official news yet. However, Playasia.com is already listing NICO's upcoming single release titled, "Natsu No Daisankakkei." This single comes in three versions: CD only, CD+DVD LE, and CD+2DVD LE. Scheduled release date is May 16, 2012!

Natsu No Daisankakkei [CD]
Sony Music
Price: $14.99 via Playasia

Natsu No Daisankakkei [CD+DVD LE]
Sony Music
Price: $19.99 via Playasia

Natsu No Daisankakkei [CD+2DVD LE]
Sony Music
Price: $52.49 via Playasia
Micchan, Micchan2

NICO Touches the Walls TOUR 2011 PASSENGER ~We are Passionate Messenger~

3rd Live DVD
2012.1.11 Release
KSBL-5963 ¥4,515(tax in)
Preorder at:
CD Japan - HMV - Yesasia - Amazon.co.jp - Playasia

Recording of their Zepp Tokyo live on June 10, 2011.

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More photos from the June 10 Zepp Tokyo live.Collapse )
Congratulations on "HUMANIA" for making the Oricon TOP 10 Weekly Album Charts! 


AMUSE brothers!!! If flumpool has Miura Haruma, then Kamiki is definitely NICO's! <3

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NICO News twitter has launched!

Start following NICOtoNews for latest updates on NICO! Thanks oh_letgo for managing the account for English-speaking fans.

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『NICO Touches the Walls ニューアルバム「HUMANIA」発売記念店頭特別パネル展』
.....there's a photo exhibition of NICO's "HUMANIA" at Tower Records Shibuya and  Shinjuku Tower Records from 2011/12/6 - 2011/12/12.  There will be rare photos at this exhibit. Full details and conditions actually need translations.

TV Promotions
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Amazon's NICO Touches the Walls Store

Individual member comment. Too lazy to put it up on youtube, so please visit the website itself. You can hear people behind the camera giggling during Furumura's talk.

HUMANIA + NICO Touches the Walls TOUR 2011 PASSENGER ~We are Passionate Messenger~
There's an "Original Notebook Calendar" bonus if you buy both the album and dvd. No info yet on how to get this. Will ask around an update again.

Lastly, I haven't forgotten to post Ontama HD. Sorry for the delay, but with the upcoming news and promos, it might take me longer to post it. 
So playasia's email about this release was right all along. I would've been more surprised if it wasn't, considering a couple gals at twitter did say playasia has tendency to release info much earlier than everyone, artists themselves included.

2012.01.11 Release
3rd Live DVD
NICO Touches the Walls TOUR 2011 PASSENGER ~We are Passionate Messenger~
KSBL-5963 ¥4,515(tax in)

Pre-order at: Playasia.com


Additional performances for HUMANIA Tour: Ground of HUMANIACollapse )

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Who's Akotacchi? THE BUNGY FTW! So glad they're pimping this out instead of Hologram, though that acoustic version of Hologram was pretty darn good. YAY for the DVD!!!!! So can't wait.

There's a video too!Collapse )


  1. 1125!!!
  2. Tickets to some HUMANIA tour dates have been sold out: Yokohama BLITZ, Zepp Nagoya, Zepp Tokyo, Niigata LOTS, Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO, Kyoto Taku Taku, and Zepp Osaka. Congratulations boys!
  3. TV Promos:
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NICO bromance♥


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"Bicycle" PV will air SOON!

"Bicycle" started airing on SPACE SHOWER TV's "New Cuts" early today, November 11 (lucky date!).  It will air at 0730 daily until November 15.

Possible DVD Release on January 2012?

It's not on the news yet. It's not even on both NICO's artist and label websites.  However, Playasia.com sent an email that NICO Touches the Walls will be releasing a dvd on January 11, 2012!  The title of the dvd is "Tour 2011 Passenger-We Are Passionate Messenger-"

Will this stay a rumor.. or will this be officially announced soon? 

I can only pray it's the truth.

nicotouch turned one year old yesterday. \0/
NICO - OHQ! Micchan

NICO's website, www.nicotouchesthewalls.net, got an update! And it's all geared up for their album release. The site also previews the song 「バイシクル」 (Bicycle) which will be used for the upcoming drama 「11人もいる!」 (11-Nin mo iru!).

「バイシクル」 (Bicycle) will be released on RecoChoku as a digital single (just like 「Endless roll」) on October 21st 2011.

Apparently some sort of public listen application is offered (I'm not entirely sure, I'm only able to get small translated parts) for some people to be able to listen to their new album 「HUMANIA」 before they release it as well. Wow, those lucky people... as for the rest of us, we'll have to look forward to the album in December~~

NICO's full cut of their ROCK IN JAPAN performance will air on wowow on November 22nd (Tues) and again on November 30th (Wed).

The SonyMusic website has revealed the tracklist to 「HUMANIA」 :

1. Heim
2. 衝突 / Shōtotsu
3. バイシクル / Bicycle
4. カルーセル / Carousel
5. 極東ID / Kyokutō ID
6. 恋をしよう / Koi o shiyou
7. Endless roll
8. 業々/ Gō
9. demon (is there?)
10. 手をたたけ/ Te wo Tatake
11. 手をたたけ(NICO edition)

Source: natalie.mu, nico.com, nico.net, SonyMusic

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Matsuuuuu desu
Okay, I'm bored so I thought translating would be fun!
So I managed to translated Endless Roll to romaji with some morning energy!

I bet many people already got the kanji lyric, but I guess it's probably fine  :D

NICO Touches the Walls - Endless Roll lyric


壁に落書きを描いた いつか広げた想像図
今は消えかかってしまって 色あせた未来たち

いらないものばっか持って 大切な鍵を忘れて
部屋を飛び出して気がついて 振り出しに戻る


掴めそうで届きそうで 螺旋階段は続いてく
終わりなんて気が遠くて いつも言い訳探してる


「うるさい」と叫んだ声が 今日も虚しく響いて
下手すりゃ 居心地がいいだなんて思ってしまう


廻るように堕ちるように 螺旋階段は終わらない
祈るなんてしたくもないが すがる物を探してる


目の前の風景 まわり回る僕を
どのくらいの どの未来が
先に待つかわからない だけど
止まらない 振返らない まだ


掴めそうで届きそうで 日々はずっと続いてく
終わりなんて あるはずないな それはきっと僕が決める

いつの間にか 何か拾ってなにかを忘れてゆく

リアルなんて これでいいんだ
螺旋階段を壊して今 飛び出して行こう 


Kabe ni rakugaki wo egaita itsuka hirogeta souzou zu
Ima wa kie kakatte shimatte iroaseta mirai tachi

Iranai mono bakka motte taisetsuna kagi wo wasurete
Heya wo tobidashite kigatsuite furidashi ni modoru

Doko ni mo ika senai mitai ni kurikaesu hibi
Hitori kiri boku wo nokoshite

Tsukame soude todoki soude rasen kaidan wa tsuzuite ku
Owari nante ki ga toukute itsumo iiwake sagashi teru

Riaru nante konna monda
Wakari kitta youna koto wa mada
Iwanakute iikara

Urusai to sakenda koe ga kyou mo munashiku hibi ite
Heta surya igokochi ga iida nante omotte shimau

Ashibaya ni awai oto wo tate nagareru hibi
Aseru dake ja oitsukenakute

Mawaru you ni ochiru you ni rasen kaidan wa owaranai
Inoru nante shitaku mo naiga sugaru mono wo sagashi teru

Riaru nante konna monda
Nageku kotoba mo kakikesa re
Hareta sora wa touku

Me no mae no fuukei mawari mawaru boku wo 
Dono kurai no dono mirai ga
Saki ni matsu ka wakaranai dakedo
Tomaranai fui kaeranai mada

Doko ni mo ika senai mitai ni kurikaesu hibi
Ima sugu kono kabe wo koete

Tsukame soude todoki soude hibi wa zutto tsuzuite ku
Owari nante aru hazu nai na sore wa kitto boku ga kimeru

Uso mitai ni kyou mo itsuka omoide ni kawaru you ni
Itsuno manika nani ka hirotte nani ka wo wasurete yuku

Riaru nante kore de ii nda
Rasen kaidan wo kowashite ima tobidashite ikou


The romaji translation was translated by me ^^
So, if there's any mistakes, I'm so sorry. My bad :(
I'm not really good in reading kanji anyway~

This is my first post in this community XD
I hope this could help NICO fans! :D
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