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NICO Touches the Walls
NICO Fan Project 
2nd-Oct-2012 12:48 pm
Hi Everyone,

Have you read couple report on the concert? I heard they have different set list on each venue. Also they sing their new song 「夢1号」 *lucky to those who went there* ^_^

I love their design for the goods.. looks so algorhytmique with the algorithm flow chart but using music term (those who studied computer science must be familiar with the flow chart symbol) XDD

Btw, just to remind you all.. our project is still on.. details here >> http://nicotouch.livejournal.com/32478.html
The deadline will still in the end of this week which is 6th Oct..

come come we're still awaiting for your participation..

additional: Got an input from a friend.. let us give you a guideline that might can give you inspiration on the letter..
just answer these question below:
1. when was the first time you know NICO?
2. what was your 1st song?
3. what was your 1st impression?
4. what's your fave song?
5. what do you like from NICO?
6. what are your wish for them?

message for personal member:
- Micchan:
- Furukun:
- Sakkan:
- Shokun:
Just include your photo with name & country..

how's that sound? did it help you to write? 
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